Have best selling book 101 Schooling Exercises for Horse & Rider brought together by Jaki Bell and featuring exercises by top British eventers with you at all times.  The 101 SCHOOLING mobile app gives you just that, the ability to quickly access each of the 101 exercises via yourPhone, iPad, and Android device.


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These exercises are for riders who want to improve their own and their horse’s skills. Whether you want to increase your horse’s balance, generate impulsion, or try more advanced lateral exercises, these easy-to-follow exercises include all the information you need to ride the movement correctly.

The 101 Schooling mobile app is easy to use. It is set up like a deck of cards, each card featuring one of the 101 exercises. The top face of the card provides an arena diagram or an illustration of the exercise. Faces two and three take you step-by-step through the exercise and provide tips for what to do if it’s not working. Additional highlights of the 101 Schooling app include:



101 exercises covering these fundamental areas of mastery:

  • Engagement
  • Adjustability
  • Rhythm Balance Impulsion
  • Supple and Straight
  • Even on Both Sides
  • Loose and Agile



The same content found in Jaki Bell’s book including favourite training exercises from celebrities of the equestrian world including Pippa Funnell, Richard Davidson and Mary King, and attributes such as:

  • Expert design – instructional materials developed and used by the world’s most preeminent riders
  • Highly intelligible layout – exercises contain illustrative diagrams, keys, clear descriptions, and special tips
  • Lasting relevance – riders of all levels will perpetually benefit by using this app as a training reference
  • Variety – enough depth of content to keep horse and rider engaged – not bored



The ideal solution for:

  • All riding disciplines – a focus on jumping skills, yet with pole exercises applicable to all English and Western horses & riders
  • Horses of all levels – helps any horse become more supple, strong, flexible, and responsive
  • Riders of any ability – plenty of exercises for beginners, yet a wide variety of challenges for advanced riders
  • Individuals, trainers, and students – adaptable to self-taught and formal instruction situations
  • Coaches – use these exercises to bring variety to your instruction and to make sure your students understand the homework you assign



Features that provide flexibility and ease of use, such as:

  • Simplicity – as easy to use as a deck of cards
  • Structure – logical grouping of exercises into handy, color-coded categories
  • Configurability – determine what exercises you’ll work on in advance and bring them to the top of the list
  • Accessibility – view exercises one by one, as a list, in a visual flow, or with a random “Surprise Me” option



  • At the barn – when you’re tacked up and ready to ride
  • At home – when you’re planning your ride
  • On the go – when you have a few minutes to spare and you’ve got riding on your mind


The 101 Schooling Exercises for Horse & Rider app will provide ongoing benefits and is the perfect way to utilize the convenience and technology of your mobile device to enhance your horse and rider journey.